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Turned Taquete, the Saga Continues

(This blog post was originally published March 17, 2014 on my first blog site, which is no longer in existence.)

So I’ve been moving quite slowly in the weaving department. A lot of life changes are happening Chez Iowaweaver. The husband retired at the end of 2013. My own retirement looms (ha! a pun!) at the end of June. Our house is our very own episode of Hoarders as my husband seeks to consolidate his office papers and books and regain a semblance of order and sanity.

The next episode of Turned Taquete was themed in greens and blues and I put on a warp for four towels using the threading draft I blogged about last time. See draft below. I had enough colors and ideas for treadling orders that I didn’t get bored, and the weaving actually went pretty fast.

Here are a couple of photos of the towels while still on the loom:

This is the weave draft. I sett 10/2 cotton 30 ends per inch. The warp was 20″ wide and I had five 4″ sections, so just imagine another section on the left to match the section on the right. 😉

Here is the towels’ group portrait:

And individual shots:

In other news, I’ve been dyeing sock yarn and other knitting yarn with fiber reactive dyes in the crockpot. This is a process that I got to know about three years ago, but didn’t pursue. But I like it lot! It is super easy. And I am going to continue with it more seriously, especially since I will have more time when I am retired. So, guess what I’ll be blogging about next time?


2 thoughts on “Turned Taquete, the Saga Continues

  1. I am curious is this a profile draft? I would love to weave this draft in a table runner & towels in 8/2 cotton. I have tried the math as you have stated (w/your sett) & I can’ t seem to get the numbers & the draft to match. Any direction would be most helpful. Love your blog, thank you for sharing with us.


    • Hi! This is not a profile draft. It is threaded and woven just as you see the draft. I used 10/2 cotton sett at 30 epi. If you are using 8/2 cotton, I would recommend 24 epi. For a 20″ wide towel, that would be 480 warp threads. You can adjust the size of the blocks and borders as you wish, so 480 is just a suggestion. It is important for the colors to contrast well in the areas of blocks. In the areas of solid color, there are no contrasting threads. I hope this helps you!



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