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Turned Taquete: Next Generation

Over the years I've had several projects published, mostly by Interweave Press. My earliest project was in 1984 when I had two dishtowels accepted for the Design Collection series. I was soon to start an MA program in Craft Design at Iowa State University and I was beyond excited! The next two were a woolen scarf for another Design Collection and, sometime in the 90's, a necktie with palm trees in Theo Moorman technique that was actually in a Handwoven magazine. (BTW, all of my magazines and books are in storage right now so I can't actually check dates or anything.)

After a huge block of time, decades, I was invited to submit a project for a scarf in Diversified Plain Weave to Handwoven and wrote about it here. The project was a 6-block houndstooth pattern woven using Diversified Plain Weave (DPW for short) for the structure. The next year I submitted another DPW project for Handwoven's color themed issue, this time the concept being woven circles (a neat trick using only 6 blocks I might add).

This attention is fun, but in the back of my mind, I always wonder who (if anyone) ever actually weaves these projects. Okay, show of hands: how many of you have actually woven the Circles Scarf????


Fast forward to … 2015. I wrote in this blog about a Turned Taquete scarf that I designed from a pattern called Jitterbug.

It was my first attempt at using the book Weaving with Echo and Iris. That design was both fun and very challenging. I was so happy when I finally got it right and wove it and shared it in this blog.

And it didn't go unnoticed! Denise Kovnat, who is in the Rochester, NY area, and writes the blog Random Acts of Color, asked my permission for one of her students to use my design in a workshop she taught at MAFA in Pennsylvania. Of course I said yes! And then recently she sent me an image of the finished piece that her student wove. And. Oh. My. God. Take a look at this:



This scarf was woven by Tina Kiethas and it won an award! Says Tina: “The scarf was in the Philadelphia Guild of Handweavers “Celebration of Fibers” show, and it won the Katherine Wellman Memorial Award for imaginative weaving incorporating design, color, and texture.” She hopes her piece will inspire others to try Turned Taquete.

I am so happy for Tina, and so proud that she used my design for her weaving. Well done!


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