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New Year, New Weaving

I’ve had some 2/10 wool/tencel yarn on hand for well over a year. Don’t remember why I purchased it originally, but I believe it was on sale at the time, so there’s that. I really love the feel of it. It is very soft, and yet very strong, and ideal for both warp and weft, as well as knitting. In keeping with my palette cleansing projects, I decided to go with some wool/tencel scarves on the Ashford loom.

I chose a 16 harness Zig Zag twill pattern that I found on handweaving. net. This is pattern #43169, and the source is Weaving Draft 16330, 2500 Armature – Intreccio Per Tessuti Di Lana, Cotone, Rayon, Seta – Eugenio Poma, Italy, 1947. Italian translation not provided ; – ). It is super easy, threaded on a straight draw. I warped up for two scarves, purple warp and dark red weft for this one, and now I am weaving a different liftplan with a mauve for weft.

I couldn’t wait for the second scarf to be woven, so I cut this one off and put it in a Eucalan soak, then air dried it and pressed it. It is super squishy. A very nice change!

Also, I was totally using my Tempo Treadle for the actual weaving. I have come to really depend on it. One feature on the TT that I didn’t notice previously, is the time tracker. It keeps track of all the weaving time, and FYI the total for this scarf was 9 hours and change. Slow cloth, but an enjoyable process!

5 thoughts on “New Year, New Weaving

  1. Disgustingly lovely! Please give me a bit more information. What size is your Ashford loom? How do you use Tempo Treadle with a table loom? I need another loom like I need a hole in the head! But after this, it is so tempting!


    • Hi, I have a 24″ wide, 16 harness Ashford table loom. The Tempo Treadle is made by Lofty Fibers. Check out their website for all the information. Tempo Treadle is made for all different kinds of looms, both table and floor models. It is a device for tracking the sequence of picks as you weave. I talk about the Tempo Treadle in some of my earlier blog posts.


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