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New Pattern!

Just a quick post to announce the arrival of my new pattern in my Etsy shop. This is Turned Summer and Winter Dots or Checks Scarves. It is written for 8 shafts and the dots require 11 treadles (10 if you retie one, which is only needed for the beginning and end), while the checks require only 7 treadles. I wove these in Dragon Tale 8/2 rayon from Earth Guild, sett at 24 epi. Other yarns suitable for that sett will work just as well. You receive a PDF for an 11 page booklet, and two WIF files. You can link to my shop with the button on the right.

It was a slow process getting these scarves off the loom, as I am experiencing a considerable slow-down in my activities due to low back pain and sciatica. Further testing revealed L4/5 nerve root compression for which I will be having surgery next week. Wish me luck!

5 thoughts on “New Pattern!

  1. Yaaay, I have mine also. Thank you very much for doing all the ‘hard’ work. I’m so looking forward to getting the scarf on the loom. Hopefully next week. Best wishes to you regarding the surgery. Look forward to many years ahead of pain-free weaving 💗


  2. Yay, have mine also. So looking forward to getting this on the loom. Hopefully next week. Thank you for doing all of the ‘hard’ work Susan. I so enjoy your informative and interesting blogposts. Best wishes to you for safe and successful surgery 👏🏼


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