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Digitally Speaking

Yesterday I launched a new direction for my weaving. I posted downloadable PDF directions and the WIF file for Turned Taqueté Circles Placemats in my Etsy shop. The pattern is written for 5/2 perle cotton with suggestions for two different color palettes, the Blues pictured above, and for Mid-Century Modern colors.

For literally years I have provided my Circles Turned Taquete Towels draft for free to folks who visit my blog, and I have been happy to do so. The time seemed to be right to take it on the road, so to speak, and get a little return on my investment. I published my towels pattern in the March/April 2019 issue of Handwoven Magazine. You might think that I made money on it from that publication. But you would be wrong. Handwoven was on the verge of bankruptcy at that point, and it went down without making good on many payments to their content providers, including me.

So. This is my way of getting a little bit back, and if you have enjoyed using my towels pattern, perhaps, you might be interested in purchasing my placemats pattern. My Etsy shop is linked on the right hand side of this blog entry.


5 thoughts on “Digitally Speaking

  1. I think this is a good direction! So sorry to hear that were caught in the bankruptcy.
    I purchased the pattern yesterday after seeing it posted on Facebook. Directions and wif are wonderful at a reasonable price.
    Thank you for all of your generosity but most of all for inspiration to newer weaver.

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  2. You have done so much work on this draft, i am happy that you might get some return on it. By the way, the Handwoven draft is not up to date and needs correction. Having seen the problem when I looked at it, I corrected it and wove some purple towels. Imagine my surprise to see the blog in which you upgraded the draft and wove…….purple towels! Keep up the good work. Susie


  3. So sorry to hear you were not compensated. It’s hard enough to be a weaver and designer/teacher. Even harder to be a publication when they were all dying. I have yet to try your Circles pattern, but I have been drooling over it for several years. Also, if you would consider a few videos or downloadable PDFs on Taqueté and Turned Taqueté, I would be the first to purchase them. I have been trying to figure that one out for years as well and find that the explanations are hit or miss. Mostly miss. Thank you!


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