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A Tale of Two Warps

It was the best of times. It was the worst of times. Worst: well, no need to explain that. Best: unlimited weaving with no end in sight! Woohoo!

On my eight shaft loom I’ve got a dishtowel warp in 8/2 unmercerized cotton in blues and greens, and I threaded it for Turned Taqueté according to the ideas I was exploring in my last post. I threaded a straight draw following a light/dark color sequence all the way across. I used a two-block profile draft from Jakob Angstadt. The first block is on harnesses 1-4, and the second block is on harnesses 5-8. The design is symmetrical, and I am keeping to color combinations of dark/dark, dark/light, light/dark and light/light in treadling.

This is the first towel, for which I used only a dark blue weft.

This is the second towel, for which I used only a light weft:

And the underside:

As you can tell, I’m big into the checks. And there a few different ways I can play this. I have four more to go, so my next move is to plan number three.

I alternate days weaving on the 8 shaft, and days weaving on the 16 shaft looms. I am well into the second ever warp on the Ashford, this time weaving scarfs in 8/2 rayon threaded to a sixteen shaft straight draw.

This is the first one, now off the loom:

This is the second one, an undulating twill:

This is the third one, just started:

I am still struggling with the warping, and decided to order a raddle kit for next time. The warp sticks provided are very thin cardboard and I decided I really don’t like them, so will switch to wood warp sticks. Plus I will figure out a better way to weight the warp as it is wound on.

I do enjoy the slower, more focused pace that the table loom requires. And I am dazzled by all the pattern possibilities. One of my goals with this loom is to explore more ways to weave circles, a design motif with which I am perpetually obsessed.

I decided to put my Etsy shop on indefinite Vacation Mode, thus avoiding a lot of unnecessary trips to the post office. However, I will be adding to the inventory, so whenever I feel safe enough to go out more, there will be lots of new stuff.

And, I am reading Hilary Mantel’s A Place of Greater Safety, her first novel, although it wasn’t published first. It’s loooong, and I love her style, and it focuses on characters in France before and during the Revolution. I thought the title was entirely apropos 😉 .

7 thoughts on “A Tale of Two Warps

  1. I love the checks. Would you mind sharing your method for dealing with the colour changes in the weft (ending one colour and starting the next). I’ve been reading up on this and experimenting with different approaches but have yet to find a method I’m completely happy with.


    • Thank you! The first two towels were woven with one color and when I had to change bobbins I just overlapped the weft ends by about 2-3″. When I change colors, I wrap the ending color around the floating selvedge and tuck it in the same shed as the last pick. Then with the new color, on the first pick, I begin on the opposite side, also wrapping the end around the floating selvedge and tucking. That way I don’t have two different colors overlapping on the same side. I hope that makes sense!


  2. I love your posts. And your weaving. And your dyeing. And hey, I’m not on twitter, but LOVE seeing the kitty posts on the sidebar! That white one with 4 cats stacked up in size order – that can’t be all real cats, can it?!


    • Thank you, thank you, thank you! I love your posts and weaving too. And, about the stacked cats: If you look at their eyes, it looks like the smaller two cats are copies of the larger two, scaled down. They’re still quite clever, though.

      Liked by 1 person

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