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Turned Taqueté Circles Published!

Big news chez iowaweaver! My Turned Taqueté circles draft has been published by Handwoven Magazine in their May/June 2019 issue. I received an advance copy yesterday, and the digital version is available on the Interweave website as we speak. (There they are: in the left hand corner looking all cute.)

Funny story. Last September I was finishing up (as in hemming) a batch of towels for my Etsy shop when Handwoven editor Susan Horton emailed, inquiring if I would be interested in submitting a project. The theme of the issue is long warps, and they liked the idea of weaving both circles and checks on the same warp.

What could I say? I sprang into action, taking quick iphone photos of the towels.

They loved the colors and designs and suddenly I had another Handwoven Magazine publication. My last one was in 2013, with a Diversified Plain Weave Circles Scarf in cotton and rayon chenille which you can read about here. So it’s been a while. But it’s still fun.

11 thoughts on “Turned Taqueté Circles Published!

  1. So glad to see this wonderful draft preserved in print. I’ve woven towels with this draft and will be weaving more!


  2. WOO HOO!!! Can’t wait to see it in print! Glad you got in before they go belly up. (Or maybe they’ll make it through – fingers crossed.) I particularly like the last two – circles with different weft colors; hadn’t seen you do that before, and they’re great!


    • Thanks, Peg! BTW those towels don’t actually change weft color. That is a tie-up and treadling variation that was suggested by a weaver I spotted on Instagram. She kindly gave permission for me to use it in the article.


      • Waiting on my yarn order for these. Can’t wait to start.
        I’m curious about how these shapes present from the back side?
        Congratulations on an inspiring project!


  3. congratulations! I’ve been meaning to get to towels with that pattern since seeing your placemats ………. time seems to fly, and the months went by. Now I’ll join a gazillion others making towels like yours! Thanks much …… Betty.



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