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Errata, Mea Culpa, Etc.

Mea culpa, mea culpa…
In my last blog post, I shared my circles design, which I was so proud of. I worked and worked to get the circles to conform to my 8 harness limits, and then I convinced them that indeed they could be Turned Taquete. I worked with not one but two weaving software programs, going back and forth, and figuring it out. I thought I had it!
And mostly I did, except for some issues with floats. In the weft. Which you have to check for.
Luckily, someone did, just not me! Intrepid weaver and blogger Peg Cherre who weaves and share her weaving in the blog Weaving a Gem of a Life (check it out!) noticed floats. And not just a few, but a lot! Some as long as 19 threads!
So here is the new and improved design. Peg redid the tie-up, which I had been uneasy about all along, and tweaked the treadling here and there. And here it is:
I have scarf plans and dishtowel plans for this draft, but am still mulling over colors, and fibers, etc.
If anyone would like a copy of the wif file, contact me in comments with your email address. And I promise to do several more mea culpas….


10 thoughts on “Errata, Mea Culpa, Etc.

  1. I would love a copy of this draft. I’ve entered something close to it in my weaving software, but have something amiss. I don’t see my error.

    I really want to try this one.


  2. Would you please send me the wif file for the corrected circles draft you posted on October 28? Your blog is wonderful! I love weaving but due to a learning disability, I have difficulty grasping new techniques. However, you explain things in a way that I can understand. The turned taquette makes sense to me now. Thank you!



  3. Thank you so much for your generosity with ideas and WIFs! Could you please send me the WIF for this. I love weaving circles too. So glad I stumbled onto your blog.



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